Create pallet labels with SSCC code for free

Warehouse management

We have launched a new on-line tool for creating logistic labels with SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) barcode. With its help, everybody can create their own label for free in literally a few clicks.

With the help of the label creating tool ORION® solution, it is now possible not only to generate labels with SSCC code in a brief moment, but also print them straight away. We provide the service completely free of charge and anyone interested can create any number of logistic labels.

Given that some large purchasers, such as AHOLD or MAKRO Cash & Carry,  already require their suppliers to label all logistic units using SSCC codes (and some others are introducing such practices  - e.g. SPAR since 1st January 2014), the use of logistic labels with SSCC codes is becoming everyday reality.

So be ready and print your pallet label easily at no cost.

Logistic labels and their codes can also be created directly in the ORiON electronic document exchange solution and easily added to the electronic delivery advice (DESADV) with a few clicks. This is an additional SSCC service for the delivery note, which can be put into operation in ORiON at any time to meet customer requirements.


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