Comprehensive Overview of Product Innovations for the Year 2020


Roger has a new mobile app as well as the support of Komerèní banka, iNVOiCE FLOW can now read and extract invoice line items, LOKiA offers a more advanced registration of handling units and gradual order fulfillment, and the ORiON EDI system has undergone some improvements mostly from the inside. Read on to find out more about the most important new features which have been added to our systems in 2020.

LOKiA WMS: Monitoring Pallets and Their Contents, Smoother Transfers

The LOKiA warehouse management system has had a dynamic year, too. In addition to adding new features to the system, we have also homed in on improving the application for Android and on tweaking the existing functionalities.  

Customers can look forward to a new functionality allowing a more accurate registration of handling units. In addition to item quantity and position of the goods within the warehouse, LOKiA now also enables you to see which pallet the goods have been placed on. This allows you to keep the receiving area organized even when a large quantity of pallets arrive at the same time. You can now transfer entire pallets without a single beep and without having to scan the individual items and their best before dates.

The system now also has a useful new functionality Multipicking, thanks to which one warehouse worker can pick multiple orders simultaneously with ease, which increases his or her efficiency when moving inside the warehouse.    

Another new functionality is the module for gradual order fulfillment. This module can be used when not all goods from the order are in stock. This allows you to only prepare the goods which are currently in stock, put them aside and finish the order once the rest of the goods have arrived at the warehouse.

Another feature that has been improved is the functionality for goods transfers between different positions within the warehouse. A new intuitive web tool will completely replace the form which has been used up until now for entering tasks for controlled transfer, and will also simplify manual transfer.

iNVOiCE FLOW: Now Also Extracts Invoice Line Items

iNVOiCE FLOW, our system for automated invoice processing, also boasts some new functionalities and tweaks.

Our customer feedback showed us that our customers crave one particular feature: the ability to extract individual invoice line items. So, we made sure to arrange that. The system can now read individual line items from the invoice, their code, quantity, description as well as price. The accountant can then export the data as .xls or directly into ERP without having to rewrite anything. What is more, iNVOiCE FLOW can also extract and process receipts.

Our order management module has also been improved: it now allows you to create orders, starting from their approval and transmission to the supplier to their registration in a digital archive.

What is more, it can automatically pair orders with received invoices, which simplifies the approval of commercial documents. And, as an added bonus, the module also allows you to  set a budget according to your own criteria and thus avoid overspending.

ORiON EDI: Small, But No Less Momentous, Changes

At first glance, the ORiON EDI system appears the same as one year ago—however, it has undergone major changes from the inside. As we are continuously growing and in 2020 have gained the largest number of customers in history, we have worked hard to improve the internal processes, automation as well as security, plus we have optimized the hardware requirements. The system has therefore become even more secure and stable than ever before.

Other Inspiring Projects

However, there have been some new changes and, as a result of working together with our clients in the past year, we have been able to come up with several interesting new functionalities.

For instance, L'Oréal converts Excel orders from selected international customers into an ORDERS message and uploads them into their ERP just as smoothly as EDI orders. We have taught ORiON an invoice format supported by Škoda Auto (VDA Global Invoic), which now allows L'Oréal to receive orders from Škoda Auto.

Another of our handy innovations targets suppliers who are using our digital invoicing - for example for communicating with clients without EDI. Now they can add QR codes to invoices in PDF, which speeds up and simplifies payments and increases the chance that the purchaser will pay the invoice before its due date. We have deployed this functionality in collaboration with the door seller Solodoor.

For Compass Group, we have implemented an invoice processing functionality. This functionality automatically compares the receipt with the invoice, and, if the two documents match, ORiON EDI forwards the invoice for posting without any further manual interventions.

Improving WebEDI for Small Suppliers

Companies who have a drop shipment business model and are selling their goods in a partner eshop are no longer required to issue a separate invoice for each order. All they need to do is create a single invoice in webEDI and, in the detail field, select all orders which they want to add to the invoice.

The webEDI interface is now cleaner and clearer for non-payers of VAT. If you specify in the settings that you are “non-payer of VAT“, the system will mark invisible all the relevant fields in the interface. Thus, you no longer have to keep re-entering that you are a non-payer - webEDI won‘t present you with this option at all and instead will automatically assume that you do not pay VAT. These settings can be changed at any time and the fields relating to VAT will return to webEDI.

Roger: Introducing a Mobile Application and Integration into Other Accounting Systems

This year, the Roger service has gone a long way. Since the very beginning, we have wanted to make the process of shortening invoice payment terms as efficient and simple as possible for our customers. To this end, we have developed a mobile application. The application will benefit clients and investors alike and has already been met with a lot of positive reactions.  

At the end of September, we announced our cooperation with Komerční banka, which also acquired a minority stake in our company. Since October, we have been working on shared products and communication. Coincidentally, October also turned out to be our most successful month, as we managed to finance almost half a billion worth of our clients‘ invoices before the due date. Overall, we have financed invoices for 5 billion Czech crowns.

Our integration into accounting and invoicing systems has also been under way - in addition to programs such as Helios Orange and ABRA Flexibee , we are now also part of POHODA and iDoklad. The supplier chain financing service Invoice Financing has gained popularity among other big players in the field of e-commerce - Alza, MALL and Datart have newly been joined by Pilulka. Thanks to the integration of Roger Platba with ORiON EDI, you can now manage invoice financing directly from ORiON.

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