Automatic processing of invoices in the company Fri-Service, saving not only your own work, but also an external accounting firm


Fri-Service Czech is a company engaged in projects, supplies and service of refrigeration, freezing and slicing machines for retail and gastronomy. It now uses the iNVOiCE FLOW tool for automatic processing of received invoices iNVOiCE FLOW from GRiT, which can save it costs of EUR 1.500 per month. An external accounting firm also benefits from the tool, which does not have to perform routine work with rewriting documents.

Fri-Service's iNVOiCE FLOW tool processes invoices by automatically reading data from the header of received invoices and uploading them to the information system. Accountants from an external company do not have to manually rewrite the data from each invoice, but only check whether the tool has extracted the data correctly and make any corrections.

"The introduction of this tool has had two positive effects for us. We have modernized the delivery of invoices with suppliers and we only send them electronically. And second, we saved the work of the accounting firm. If all invoices were still processed manually into our accounting software, it would cost external accountants more routine work and higher costs for us. We are talking about approximately 1.500 EUR a month, "says Jiří Šilhánek, CFO of Fri-Service.

Today, the specialist in refrigeration and freezing technology has almost 1,000 suppliers and processes the same number of documents every month. The automation tool frees the company from a large amount of unnecessary work. "Previously, most invoices were sent to us by mail and we needed an employee who spent almost all of his working time processing the received invoices and converting them into electronic form. We are glad that no one has to do such work today, "adds Šilhánek.

However, iNVOiCE FLOW not only helps Fri-Service, it also benefits its external accounting firm Auditor. Accountants do not have to manually rewrite the data from each received invoice to the information system, but only check that the system has extracted the data correctly. "From the beginning, we were honestly afraid that the tool wouldn't overwrite the data from the invoices correctly and that the result would not be even more work than before," admits Markéta Čáslavská, Auditor's chief accountant.

"But over time, these fears turned out to be misconceptions. The system works reliably and collects most invoices correctly. We do not have to refrain from routine and lifeless activities, we only briefly check the extracted invoices and in rare cases correct them,“ adds Čáslavská. Thanks to the time saved, the auditor can focus on more professional activities or serve more clients.

The actual deployment of the iNVOiCE FLOW tool in the company was a matter of several weeks. Fri-Service took the first steps to deploy in May and launched live operations in mid-July. "After the initial debugging, I can say that by the end of the holidays, everything was working 100%. And I appreciate that GRiT is always available," Šilhánek concludes.

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